Quickest Way to Remember Names

remember names
Quickest way to remember names

Met some great people last night. Really? Name them! Sometimes it’s difficult to remember names.

How many times have you attended a business networking event, meeting dozens of nice people, only to realize you’ve forgotten their names before you walked out the door? When people tell me they met some great people at a recent event, I’ll softly challenge them with “Really? Can you name just two of them without reaching for their business cards?”  It’s rare that the person can name even one!  Here’s a couple of tips that may make that new friend’s name quickly pop into your mind…

  1. Ask if it’s okay to write on the back of their business card. Simply say “I really want to remember what you just said.”  Now who would say no to that?
  2. Repeat their name at least three times during the conversation (“How long have you been working for Gadgets Galore, David?”, “David, what’s the best number to reach you with?”, “Been a pleasure meeting you, David. Hope to connect again soon.”
  3. See if you can connect on common ground outside of business (pets, kids, golfing, etc.) This will embed the conversation deeper into your thoughts.
  4. Perhaps the most important piece, of course, is the follow up phone call. Yes, you read that correctly, the phone call. With everyone texting or sending emails, nothing beats the warm sound of a human voice to reinforce the bond, especially if you have something new to share, based on your initial meeting. “David? Jim here. Hey, it was great meeting you last night. I just found that article we were discussing. Is it okay if I send it over to you?” Not only does this show you to be proactive, but also that you paid attention to their needs.

As the old Teddy Roosevelt quote goes, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

For more great ideas on memory tricks, visit this article in Time Magazine

Here’s to remembering your new best business buddy.

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